Looking for seafood cooking inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

Mention seafood to most Australians and it conjures up a kaleidoscope of wonderful images and memories. Seafood is not only visually exciting and exotic; it tastes wonderful and is healthy and versatile. Best of all, as Australians we are blessed with oceans, rivers, lakes and other waterways that provide abundant supply and dazzling variety for all to enjoy. But despite this wonderful reputation, seafood is generally not well understood in this country by the public at large. [Geoff Jansz. Australian Seafood User Manual]

The Fishfiles website (www.fishfiles.com.au) is an initiative of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) to provide accurate and informative information on Australia’s sustainable seafood. Fishfiles aims to be the source of all knowledge on seafood and has over 100 amazing recipes and lots of cooking tips and how to videos to cover all your seafood cooking needs.

For some of the great recipes to be found at Fishfiles we have a small selection below:

Fillet of West Australian Dhufish with warm potato and leek salad
Dhufish is a versatile fish, suitable for steaming or grilling. With leek and potatoes this recipe will provide some winter comfort along with the healthy satisfaction of fresh local fish. 

Spanish Mackerel grilled over coals with BBQ lettuce and salsa
With seafood simple is often best and this recipe exemplifies that principle. Simple coat with oil and a little salt before adding a dressing and pairing with this delicious salsa of onion and tomatoes. 

Australian Prawn Laksa
A prawn laksa full of flavour topped off with the crunch of fresh herbs and bean sprouts. Super easy to assemble, yet deeply satisfying. We love Australian prawns!

Spiced Blue Mussels in Coconut Milk
Made even easier by the availability of mussels in most supermarkets, vacuum packed and ready to go. Zesty and delicious, served with a steaming pile of jasmine rice, great for sharing with a big group of family or friends around the table. recipe courtesy of Sydney Seafood School


For more great recipes go to: http://fishfiles.com.au/Consuming/Recipes