So what are the 2018 awards all about?

 So what is the 2018 Awards about?

Well, it all starts with the people’s choice. For six weeks starting August 1st 2018, the Australian people will be able to vote for their favourite fish and chip shop, through the www.fishandchipsawards.com.au website.

Voting will end, 15 of September 2018. Whomever is in the lead at this point in each state and territory, will win People’s choice best fish and chips for their state however, we will not announce the people’s choice state winners until 15 October. There will NOT be a people’s choice national winner.

On 16th of September we will start the judging of the top 5 or more in each state and territory.

On 15 October we will have 2 runners up to National best fish and chips, the winner of National best fish and chips 2018. We will also announce the state winners for both the judged and people’s choice. GET READY!