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Sustainability of Commonwealth fisheries that supply ACT local fresh seafood.

The Australian Capital Territory is landlocked by NSW so does not have its own fisheries.
There is one species that information is collected in the ACT and that is Murray Cod.
Otherwise, all information on the sustainability of fish in the ACT comes NSW and other juristictions.
The waters of New South Wales have an amazing diversity of marine life including Balmain bugs,
Spanner crabs, Australian Salmons, Common Jack Mackerel, Gemfish,to name a few.
You can learn about the sustainability of many of the species caught in NSW from
the Status of Australian Fish Stocks Reports.
The Reports are the most scientifically valid, up-to-date, information on Australian commercial fish populations.

The reports were worked on by over one hundred of Australia’s fisheries scientists and cover 83 different species.
Australia’s aquatic resources and the aquatic ecosystems in which they occur, if managed well,
are renewable and capable of providing a long term supply of sustainable seafood.

For more information on stock status and sustainability of different species go to: http://fish.gov.au/Jurisdiction/Commonwealth