Award Categories

The Fish and Chips Awards are broken into two parts - state and national. The State Awards are first (dates vary) with these winners go on to the national judging. For both, there are two categories of awards:


  1. People’s Choice Award: Chosen by consumers, fish and chips lovers across Australia will be able to nominate and vote for their favourite at www.fishandchipsawards.com.au
  2. Judged Fish and Chips Award: Each state and territory will select a small number of entries from the top of the People’s Choice Awards category for judging by a mystery panel. Judges will use a consistent process across all jurisdictions, tally the results and select a winner. Each jurisdiction will select their own judging panel for the assessments. The FRDC will appoint two national judges to undertake final judging two week prior to the Awards announcement on 28 September 2017.


Voting Criteria - National Australian Fish & Chips Award


Fish and chip shops will be judged against five criteria by their consumers and the judges to find the winners of the two categories. Each criteria has been weighted and reinforce the importance of taste and service, but not missing the point that information and choice are also important to a consumer.


  • Taste [50%] – the seafood tastes good.
  • Service [35%] – the service meets customer expectations. 
  • Choice [5%] – Seafood menu offers a range of Australian seafood. 
  • Information [5%] – Customers are provided accurate information about the seafood.
  • Labelling [5%] – the menu complies with the Australian Standard for Fish Names and, highlights the seafood’s provenance (i.e. is labelled accurately).


There are two aspects in voting - the number of people who voted and more importantly the score – as this is what the winner will be selected on. The score is based on the star rating, which are weighted against a scale of importance. For example taste is worth 50 points - each star is worth 10 points.