2018 New South Wales' Judged Award Winner

Beach Street Seafoods

Kylie Crupi, Tanya Thompson and Tanya Page
Business address: 1 Wallis St, Forster NSW 2428

Q. What has it meant to win the Fish and Chips Awards?
"Winning this Award means the world to us and our amazing team at Beach St Seafoods. We have found that it means a lot to our regular customers too and the local community. Its also great recognition of the hard work, dedication and passion it takes to run a successful business.

"Many people do not realise the sacrifices that people and their families make when they own their own small business; it is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally, and it was all worthwhile seeing the faces and responses of our team, family, friends and of course, our loyal customers when we brought our trophy home."