2018 Queensland's Judged Award Winner

Fish & Chips Co 

Demetri Piperides
Business address: Shop 6/2063 Wynnum Rd, Wynnum West QLD 4178

Q. What has it meant to win the Fish and Chips Awards?
"It was an honour to be voted 'Judges Choice - Best Fish and Chips in QLD' for 2018. Winning the award was an amazing experience, we had the honour of representing QLD nationally and received extensive media attention that saw our business experience rapid growth. People travelled from far and wide to come try our humble little shop and Fish n Chip Co is still experiencing that growth to date.

"To have the FRDC raise awareness and place an emphasis on fresh seafood, country of origin labelling and sustainability while shining a spotlight on businesses who put the effort in was just what operators, like myself, needed in this industry. After winning the award we were able to achieve our long term business goals faster and early this year we successfully sold the business.

"This achievement was a very proud moment that I will carry with me for all my future endeavours and I strongly recommend any operators who do take pride in what they do participate in this competition."